May 18, 2016

Congratulations to Olly Blackburn who took home a Silver One Show award in the category Craft – Direction! 

The film, through Saatchi & Saatchi London is the first commercial created for the new ‘Don’t Fear The Mess!’ campaign for Pampers.

The film is shot in high definition and in super slow motion, 400fps, and captures ten babies pulling funny, weird, lovable faces while they are doing their business. The beautifully captured moments are accompanied by the classic tune of Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Strauss.


April 4, 2016

Great Guns’ Josh Trigg delivers a powerful film for The National Autistic Society to coincide with World Autism Awareness Week.

Director Josh Trigg’s first shoot for Great Guns is a powerful film for The National Autistic Society through London based agency Don’t Panic.  The film titled “Can you make it to the end?”  will  launch NAS new campaign “Too Much Information”.

In ‘Can you make it to the end?’ Josh has delivered a film that puts the viewer into the shoes of a small boy living with autism and lets them experience the world through his eyes during a simple trip to a seemingly ordinary shopping center. Developed in collaboration with the autistic community and designed to give viewers a greater understanding of what autism looks and feels like, the film aims to bridge the gap between the number of people who’ve heard of autism and the number of people who really understand what it is and what it can feel like for some people.

To achieve this, the film focuses on a key issue for many autistic people, sensory sensitivity.
“Most ‘neurotypical’ people have a filter between themselves and the world, one that allows them to choose which sounds to listen to or which visual stimuli to focus on,” explains Richard Beer, Creative Director of Don’t Panic. “It’s how you can have a coherent conversation with someone in a room full of loud music, clinking glasses and people talking over each other. Many autistic people lack this filter: their senses can be overwhelmed by the number, volume and intensity of the tactile, visual and auditory stimuli around them. Even a seemingly innocuous situation can contain Too Much Information. We wanted to challenge viewers to experience 90 seconds in a familiar location like they’d never experienced before. And, perhaps, understand a little better what it’s like to have this sensory sensitivity next time they see someone struggling to cope.”

The film stars autistic actor Alex Marshall.

Josh comments: ‘the challenge with this film was bridging the gap between people with autism and people without autism, and making sure that it came across as relatable and true. Casting played a very important role in the film and being able to cast Alex, who is on the spectrum, and could relate to everything we were trying to convey really took the film up a notch.’

World Autism Awareness Week: ‘Can you make it to the end?’ and the TMI campaign launch on the eve of World Autism Awareness week and will be featured on BBC Breakfast on the 1st April and in The Guardian (both in print and online) as exclusive content. From the 2nd- 9th April a 30” version of the film will also be shown at Empire cinemas across the country.
Josh Trigg is represented by Great Guns.

You can download the video here: http://bit.ly/1RzQvDx
Youtube page: http://bit.ly/1RQSNNg
Facebook page: http://bit.ly/1UxkTAG
Hashtag: #autismTMI

For more information, contact:
Elise Jeanrenaud | elise@greatguns.com
Attilio Gianfrancesco | attilio@greatguns.com

Client:  The National Autistic Society
Title:  Can you make it to the end?
Agency: Don’t Panic
MD: Joe Wade
Creative Director: Richard Beer
Project lead: Helen Jackson & Ellie Moore
Creative: Alistair Griggs
Creative: George McCullum
Creative: Eva Steiner
Child Actor: Alexander Marshall
Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Joshua Trigg
Producer: Tim Francis
Exec Producers: Laura Gregory and Sheridan Thomas
Director of Photography: Martin Kobylarz
Production Design: Kajsa Soderlund
Sound Design: Culum Simpson @ Jungle
Post Production: Happy Finish
Grade: Toby Tomkins @ Cheat
The National Autistic Society:
Chrystyna Chymera
Tom Madders


LONDON, 4th April 2016 – – Today, on International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, Great Guns has teamed up with Grey for Good, the philanthropic arm of Grey Group Singapore and with DanChurchAid (DCA) to drive support for creating safer communities in post-conflict zones around the world – communities free of dangerous remnants of war such as land mines, unexploded ammunition and cluster bombs.

The centerpiece of this effort is a powerful film directed by James Teh.
We are proud to be a part of this campaign as it tackles a topic often described as one of the most evil problems affecting millions of civilians in over 60 countries around the world.

DVA - Clear The Pitch-1

To change this, the integrated campaign #ClearThePitch builds an emotional link to one of the world’s biggest sports: football. It’s a universal sport, but due to remnants of war such as land mines, cluster bombs and unexploded ammunition, in large parts of the world playing football on fields can be extremely dangerous. Especially for children.

DVA - Clear The Pitch-6

The film puts this into dramatic perspective. Starting out as what could well be a brand film by one of the big football suppliers, it features balls from around the world. With an iconic song as soundtrack: the football hymn “You’ll never walk alone” – sung by supporters in stadiums around the world to back their team – was reinterpreted in a highly emotive acoustic version. Just as the inclined fan is wondering which product this is all about, the film takes an unexpected and disturbing turn: revealing Muhammad Porsa, a child who stepped on a landmine three years ago, asking the audience whether they saw the bomb amongst the balls. He then points out the cluster-bomblet which actually looks much like a ball – making clear just how nasty the problem is.
The core messaging is simple: Help DCA clear the pitch and create safer communities.

Hashtag: #ClearThePitch.
Campaign website: clearthepitch.org

Link to download the film: http://www.greatguns.com/reel.php?rid=394179700774&site=uk


NGO and brand: DCA Mine Action
Client team: Richard MacCormac, Nikolaj Søndergaard, Christian Sophus Ehlers, Anne Kristine Erhardsen, Camilla Tollstorff Ardilsø, Mulle Juul Korsholm, Anne Mousten, Tobias Juhler Maureschat

Agency: Grey Group Singapore (through Grey for Good)
Agency Team: Till Hohmann (ECD), Antonio Bonifacio (CD), Konstantin Popovic (MD), James Dickinson (CW), Luis Fabra (AD), Brendan Cravitz (Sr. EP), Lauren Rilley (Producer), Rasyiqah Rahman (AM), Suresh Ramaswamy (Digital lead), Karishma Menon (Digital), Huma Qureshi (PR lead), Yanrong Pang (PR)

Film Production Company: Great Guns
Executive Producer: Laura Gregory
Producer: Mathew Alden
Line Producer: Ann Suthida Sihasavetra
Director: James Teh
DOP: Sinthop Sophon (Jeab)
Production Design Nattachai Kitjanawanchai (Nut Art)

Music and Sound Design:  Yessian Music, New York
Composer/Arranger:  Michael Dragovic
Sound Designer/Mixer:  Jeff Dittenber
CCO:  Brian Yessian
Song: “You’ll Never Walk Alone” (by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II)

Editing and Post-Production: Cutters
Executive Producer: Timo Otsuki
Producer: Shumpei Negami
Editing Supervisor: Ryan Mcguire
Colorist: Ben Conkey
Colorist Assistant: Toshiki Kamei
Online/Finish: Dr. Yu
Online Assistant: Tomomi Ogawa

For more information, contact:
Attilio Gianfrancesco | attilio@greatguns.com
Elise Jeanrenaud | elise@greatguns.com

March 30, 2016

The latest Braun Silk Epil film is directed by Calum Macdiarmid and features Jessica Alba in an effortless study of form.

The spot combines dynamic compositions, geometric precision and creates a powerful and visceral sense of exquisitely smooth skin. Jessica Alba is presented in elegant perfection performing seamless yoga moves while the sound design cuts to the core of our senses.

BRAUN - SILK EPIL 9 ALBA DC 24.02.16 V2.00_00_41_15.Still007

Calum says: “Flying to LA to shoot Jessica Alba by a sunny pool in the Hollywood hills was like winning the lottery.
This was a particularly exciting project to work on. Creatives Nathalie Turton and Lorelai Mathias were keen to make something with a strong abstract artistic aesthetic, which is everything I love in film.
Of course working with Jessica Alba was a big bonus too.
We bonded over the universal subject of parenthood as I had just become a father whilst she is a mother to two beautiful girls.
Another aspect of the project that was particularly exciting was getting to work with the Macdiarmid clan. One of my brothers did the music the other did the sound design. The audio was pivotal in creating the sense of power and avant-garde attitude. The route we took was quite challenging I was both amazed and relieved when everyone signed it off.”


Calum is represented worldwide by Great Guns.

For more information on Calum please contact:
Attilio Gianfrancesco | attilio@greatguns.com
Elise Jeanrenaud | elise@greatguns.com

Agency: AMV BBDO
Art Director – Nathalie Turton
Copywriter – Lorelai Mathias
Account Director – Dario Verrini
Account Manager – Nikki Peddie
Agency producer – David Riley
Production Company: Great Guns
Director – Calum Macdiarmid
Producer – Kate Phillips
DoP – Riego Van Wersch
Editor – James Demetriou
sound – Dougal Macdiarmid at Wave
music – Fionn Macdiarmid
Post production – Cherry Cherry

Great Guns Director Roar Uthaug goes bold with the new Doritos Campaign.

Great Guns’ Roar Uthaug, directs the latest campaign for Doritos.
The new commercial out of AMVBBDO continues the #ForTheBold brand tagline.

Shot in Cape Town, the film follows three geeky backpackers, who after a case of mistaken identity get whisked away in a limousine to a mega mansion where a crazy pool party is in full swing. Thanks to the boldness that each Dorito gives them, their confidence grows and they jump from one epic situation to the next.

The idyllic situation comes to an abrupt end when the house’s owner, and doppelganger of one of the boys, arrives home unamused. The film closes on the hilarious shot of the three lads stranded at a bus stop, wearing only leopard print speedos and a packet of Doritos to cover their modesty.

The film’s high key lighting and bright, strong colors create a funny juxtaposition between the extravagance of the location full of bronzed, beautiful partygoers and the three pasty-white, fish-out-of-water heroes.

Roar, who has recently been attached to develop and helm the Tomb Raider movie reboot for Warner Bros, comments; “We wanted to make the whole film engaging, bold but over all fun. Casting the right three guys was the key for me and I couldn’t be happier with the performances they gave us. It has been an awesome experience collaborating with Mike (Hannett) and Dave (Buchanan) to bring this adventure to life. I hope it’s as fun to watch as we all had making it together.”


Roar is represented by Great Guns

For more information on Roar please contact:
Elise Jeanrenaud | elise@greatguns.com
Attilio Gianfrancesco | attilio@greatguns.com

Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative Directors: Mike Hannett & Dave Buchanan
TV Producer: Rebecca Scharf
Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Roar Uthaug
Executive Producers: Laura Gregory & Sheridan Thomas
DOP: Jaime Feliu Torres
Editor: James Demetriou at Great Guns
Music: Hush
Sound Design: Culum at Jungle

February 26, 2016


Laura Gregory; Founder and executive producer, Great Guns London; discusses her role at this year’s Lynx Awards.
Joe Lancaster talks to Film Craft president; Laura Gregory.

What attracted you to the role of jury president for Dubai Lynx and what’s your impression of MENA advertising?

I was invited to speak last year, which was my first year at Dubai Lynx. The attendees were keen to network, attend all seminars, and share their work with the world. It’s a fast-growing festival and I can see it becoming one of the key global festivals in the future.

What’s your approach to presiding over a jury of your peers?

Usually the jury will meet for the first time on the first morning the jury sits. We discuss the overall role of the jury and the outcome we’re aiming for. The juries I have led and served on have always had personalities, some large and some quiet, but all have a background of outstanding achievements which define the reason they have a seat on the jury.

It’s a given that they will have valuable insights, feelings and emotions to share. The best work always rises to the top and little is missed. Sometimes it takes an impassioned speech to revisit a decision, but that’s the fun of a strong jury. Some are so impassioned it takes your breath away.

The best juries are where we have a unanimous decision and find a gem that could have gone unrecognised. I have never left a single jury without feeling empowered and enriched by the intense time I have spent in a dark room with my peers.

What will you be looking for in the work?

Greatness in every aspect.

Last year there was no Grand Prix awarded in Film Craft and only two campaigns won gold. Is it healthy for juries to withhold top honours?

No award is given, it is earned.

You recently signed a brilliant Cairo-based director, Omar Hilal. What do you think of MENA filmmaking talent in general and how can it be developed?

The local talent is developing fast but there are still only two major talents in my mind who can work in any market in the world: Omar and Ali Ali. Their work is of a standard that is as good as any director anywhere in the world. We need to see more local directors coming through.

Perhaps the volume of good content work makes this a slow process. Some of the more interesting directors come from the agency creative side too, like Omar and Ali Ali. I don’t think that’s a surprise – when they work with so many international directors, they learn fast and lower budgets give them a chance to direct.

Do you think it takes a local director to capture the right feel for a film?

Not at all. Performance is performance the world round, an idea is an idea, and sometimes a non-local director sees things in another location that the local director might take for granted. Did Richard Attenborough need to be a local to direct Gandhi, or Danny Boyle to direct Slumdog Millionaire, or Bertolucci to direct Last Emperor?

How much impact does budget have in this category? Can a low-budget film compete with an expensive one?

Budget has no impact at all.

Do you have any pet hates regarding ad award shows?

The gong dinners are always too long and the winning work is shown on a bad screen/sound system and everyone’s talking and eating and couldn’t care less. Put the money into a cracking party and website and VR tour of the best work? I don’t know what the answer is.

What else will you do during your stay in Dubai?

When I leave the darkness of the jury room, I’ll sleep and enjoy Dubai’s best restaurants. My top tip is Qbara.

Laura served 3 years on the Board of Trustees at D&AD 2010-2014 and has won many coveted pencils including Guess? ‘Cheat’, BBC ‘Local Radio’, Nike ‘Fresh Air’ and Nike Ordem, ‘Rooney/ McIlroy’.

For the second year she steps up as Jury Foreman on the D&AD Next Director Award.

She will be joined by top industry directors, agency and creatives as they come together to decide who’s the best next director 2016.

To read all about D&AD Next Director Awards click here:

Laura will jet off to Dubai next week to take her place as President of the Film Craft Jury at Dubai Lynx 2016.
Laura comments:
“After attending this year’s (2015) Dubai Lynx as a speaker, I was bowled over by the attendees’ diverse talents and collective energy. The winning work stood alongside the best in the world; Dubai Lynx is quickly earning a place among the globe’s leading festivals as an important marker of creativity. I am delighted to return to this vibrant movement in 2016 as President of the Film Craft Jury. In the end it’s all about brilliant ideas with outstanding execution, and I know we will see more great work from the region.”

February 18, 2016

Calum Macdiarmid teamed up with Creative Agency Havas Worldwide and K-Y to shoot a racy new POV film for K-Y Touch – a massage crème which doubles as a lubricant promising to gently intensify sensation with every touch.

The film reunites Calum with DOP Riego Van Wersch after a recent Jessica Alba shoot, and is shot in 2 parts as part of the interactive user experience created for their online digital content. The viewer can watch ‘her feel’ or ‘his feel’ and by holding down the touch pad on your laptop, or finger on your touch screen, you can flick between both his view and her view. Calum comments; “we used fast cut expressionist elements when shooting, which helped create a more sensual and poetic feel to both films.’ The end result is a little bit naughty!

KY Touch - Bed - Agency 30-7

You can experience the touch for yourself here:


Or watch the film here:



Client: Reckitt Benckiser / K-Y

Marketing Director: Karen Chisholm

Senior Brand Manager: Rachel Sexton

Agency: Havas Worldwide

Global Brand Director: Betsy Simons

Global ECD/Managing Director: Israel Garber

Creative Director: Luke Hughett & Sean Lee

Executive Producer: Laura Shuey

Account Director: Jennifer LoSicco

Production Company: Great Guns

Director: Calum Macdiarmid

DOP: Riego Van Wersch

Grade: Mikey at the Mill New York


For more information about Calum Macdiarmid please contact:

Elise Jeanrenaud | elise@greatguns.com

Attilio Gianfrancesco | attilio@greatguns.com

Great Guns director Omar Hilal airs his dirty laundry with his new cutting-edge film for washing detergent ‘El Kef’.

Shot in Morocco, the film opens on a stormy night with sirens whirring in the background – the air thick with menace. As the story unfurls we are taken into a darkly lit house where three detectives arrive to investigate a crime.  The house is littered with stained clothing and a terrified woman… The tension mounts as the team of detectives’ stumble upon the horrifying crime scene – the open washing machine overflowing with soiled and sullied garments and the culprit nowhere to be found.


Omar who is known for his brilliant comedic timing and talent for casting, yet again triumphs with this hilarious and innovative take on a washing powder commercial. Omar comments; “I’m very impressed with the courage of this client. A local detergent brand that embraces such an unorthodox idea, is admirable to say the least.” He goes on to say; “the boundaries of middle eastern advertising just keep getting pushed. This isn’t a communications client or a snack, it’s a detergent!!”


Needless to say the fact that Omar directed this film definitely adds a touch of magic to the whole production – something which hasn’t gone unnoticed in the advertising world, with Omar taking home Best of Show, 2 Golds and a Silver at the Gong 2015 Creative Circle Awards for his Tiger Beer SG50 campaign.

Link to ‘El Kef’: http://www.greatguns.com/reel.php?rid=679963348194&site=uk

Agency : Shem’s Casablanca

Title: El Kef

Creative director : Yanis Ayouch

Copywriter : Quods Ouaissi , Ayoub Choukri

Artistic director : Jalil Laafoura

Account director : Fouad Lahjouji

Account manager : Amal Masrar

Production company : Videorama

Director : Omar Hilal

Producer : Imane Saad

DOP : Quim Miquel

Editor : Ahmed Hafez

Music : Sary Hany – key 66


Omar is repped globally by Great Guns

For more information on Omar please contact:

Elise Jeanrenaud | elise@greatguns.com

Attilio Gianfrancesco | attilio@greatguns.com







Laura Gregory confirmed as Cannes Lions Film Craft President

Laura Gregory, who is no stranger to judging on some the industries best advertising awards including Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, D&AD and Eurobest, picks up the mantle again in 2016 as she is confirmed as Jury Craft President at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2016.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.00.08

The festival runs from the 18th – 25th of June this year and looks to be the best ever.

To view the full list of president and jury members for all categories please click here:

February 11, 2016

Calum Macdiarmid Wins Best Music Video at the One Show One Screen Awards

Calum Macdiarmid flew to New York yesterday to pick up the award for Best Music Video at the One Show One Screen awards for ‘Preacherman’

The video was inspired by the racially motivated murder of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old boy who was killed in 1955, 60 years ago this August.

Filmed in Jackson, Mississippi, this potent combination of emotive subject, powerful songwriting and Calum’s unique visual styling, has resulted in an incredibly powerful film, enhanced by the haunting choral vocals crowdsourced from Melody’s Facebook fans.

The Gunners were out in force and Calum was joined by our East Coast Rep, Daria Zeliger, UK Producer Tim Francis, and Great Guns directors Adam Mufti and Eva Midgley.


You can watch the video through the One Screen website here:




February 8, 2016

Gunner David Nutter wins his first DGA

Great Guns director David Nutter won his first DGA Award this weekend after 6 previous nominations. The win was for his Game of Thrones episode ‘Mothers Mercy’.


He was previously nominated in this category in 2013 for the Game of Thrones episode “The Rains of Castamere” and in 2006 for The Sopranos episode “Join the Club.” He was also nominated in the Comedy Series category for Entourage episodes “The Resurrection” (2007) and “Lose Yourself” (2010); and in the Movies for Television and Mini-Series category for The Pacific, “Basilone” in 2010.


January 22, 2016

Beauty Director and Photographer Catherine Louis joins the Great Guns Shop for UK, ASIA and USA representation

French native Catherine Louis has just signed to the Great Guns roster for representation in the UK, ASIA and the USA. Passionate about capturing beautiful imagery, she excels as both a director and photographer.

Catherine prides herself on her meticulous attention to detail – and her very feminine and highly sensual style add a refined touch to both her photographs and film. Used to working with celebrities and models, Catherine has shot with talent including Julianne Moore, Laetita Casta, Coco Rochas, Karlie Kloss ,Lara Stone and more for brands such as L’Oreal, Chaumet, Guerlain , Cartier , Repetto …

Smoky 2

Most recently Catherine collaborated with NOWNESS and shot a short portrait film of the model Marla Fabri using simple black and white film to create something very pure; ‘I wanted to tell the story of a woman that must learn to let go through a dreamlike journey or some kind of revelation, so the viewer is left to make his or her own interpretation.’


Marla 6

To view Catherine’s reel click here:



For more information on Catherine please contact either Attilio or Elise at Great Guns.




Monster horror Cloverfield makes a surprise return with 10 Cloverfield Lane, Great Guns commercial film director Dan Trachtenberg’s feature debut, billed as a ‘blood relative’ of the original film

J.J. Abrams has somehow managed to find time to secretly produce a follow on of his 2008 found footage box office hit Cloverfield, whilst also directing the latest Star Wars movie. The trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane before 13 Hours at the weekend definitely didn’t go unnoticed, sending social media into a frenzy.

Abrams enlisted Great Guns commercial film director Dan Trachtenberg to direct the movie who, a few years ago, released the short films More Than You Can Chew for Black Box TV and Portal: No Escape, based in the world of the videogame Portal. The latter amassed almost 17million YouTube views and soon got him noticed in Hollywood. 10 Cloverfield Lane is Trachtenberg’s first full-length feature film, although he is also currently developing the time travel heist movie Crime of the Century for Universal Pictures.

Clover 06

Other than the surprise trailer not a lot has been revealed about 10 Cloverfield Lane. It was shot in New Orleans under the working title Valencia, and post-produced at Bad Robot – veiled beneath the added security implemented for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, being completed simultaneously at the same premises.

Clover 08

The film stars John Goodman, John Gallagher Jr. and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and premieres on March 11th 2016.

Link to Slash Film article:


To watch Dan Trachtenberg’s reel click here:



For more information on Dan Trachtenberg please contact:

Elise Jeannreaud | elise@greatguns.com

Attilio Gianfrancesco | attilio@greatguns.com

January 7, 2016

Campaign Middle East Names Omar’s Signing in Their Top 10

Campaign Middle East has put Omar Hilal’s signing to Great Guns as number 4 of their Top 10 list of 2015.

The publication writes:

“This year was the year that Egyptian director Omar Hilal went global. One of only a handful of directors from the Middle East to crack the international market, he signed with United Kingdom-based production company Great Guns in January and went on to shoot commercials for clients outside the region including in the UK and Singapore.”

Read the full article here: CAMPAIGN MIDDLE EAST TOP 10 2015

He hit the ground running with us and shot a 2 part campaign for Tiger Beer through BBDO Singapore which went on to win the Grand Prix at Creative Circle Singapore.

We’re excited for what 2016 will bring – watch this space!

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